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The idea that language is more than just a way to communicate and that words can deliver life and death is not new. In 1997/98, while studying for my masters at Saint Martins (London), I worked on a brief that challenged work environments and human behavior. I had this idea that human features such as compassion, egotism, and arrogance can be viewed and experienced as logos — similarly to brands. A good logo shows you what the brand it represents is, what it does, and, if successful, its core identity, or what I call its 'spirit'. I ended up with 10 such 'spirits' — 'egotist', 'humble', 'arrogant', 'loyal', 'fairness', among others — printed on blue button-down shirts.

“In the beginning God created heaven and earth” articulates a dramatic experience in our mind. The word “in” by itself conjures the void which we are sucked into. What does it look like? 

The Visual Language of God (Genesis 1) — with a prologue by Michael Eskin — is all about that: 22 interconnected, yet discreet, visual works, showing the story of the beginning.

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